Together Alive Health Initiative (TAHI)

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Fighting Teenage Pregnancies And Ending Child Marriages

TAHI is working to put an end to the epidemic of teenage pregnancies and child marriages that are all too common in the country.

Part of the issue of teenage pregnancies and child marriages in Uganda is due to a lack of gender equality. In most cases, the girls are the ones disproportionately affected in these situations, leading to further inequalities and decreased opportunities for a successful life. This is due to the fact that girls are not educated on their rights and proper healthcare, leading to poor health outcomes.

TAHI is aiming to combat this by providing education to both boys and girls on reproductive health and gender rights. This includes educating both boys and girls on sexual health as well as providing resources such as contraceptives and knowledge on family planning. Additionally, TAHI is working to reduce the influence of social norms and gender roles that contribute to child marriage.