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TAHI mobilizes young people aged 10-24 years


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About TAHI

Together Alive Health Initiative (TAHI) is a non-governmental youth-led and serving organization.

TAHI's goal is to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights through evidence-based programming and advocacy. We are dedicated to providing quality services and information to young people, particularly adolescent girls and young women, to ensure that they can access the full range of reproductive health services and take advantage of the best outcomes for their lives.

Our Values

Our Values


We are focused and committed to the needs and rights of young people

Inclusivity and diversity 

We respect all individuals regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, social class, physical ability, religion, age or cultural background.

Gender sensitive

We create an environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their gender


All necessary information and data regarding our programs and projects is made available to all staff and public.

Join Us in Promoting Gender Equality and Empowerment of the Girl Child

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  • Advocacy on provision and prioritization of SRHR services for young people at both national and sub national level.
  • Advocacate for the continuous access to family planning and postabortion care services for youths.
  • Access to information and services on HIV/AIDs especially for YPLH
  • Promotion of teenage maternal and neonatal health.
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TAHI has been working with Afripads to promote menstrual health among marginalized girls in Uganda. In the last five years, we have reached over 21,000 girls in Uganda providing them with access to quality reusable menstrual pads and educational resources on menstrual health.

TAHI is also advocating for better menstrual health awareness through campaigns in schools and communities providing support to girls and young women to help manage their periods safely and hygienically.

TAHI is committed to advancing gender equality for girls and young women. To this end, TAHI works with various partners in both national and sub-national contexts to implement programs and initiatives that promote gender equality across all sectors.


These include initiatives to counter gender-based violence, educate girls and young women on their rights, provide matchmaking services to connect girls and young women to jobs and educational opportunities, and set up safe spaces for girls and young women to discuss issues that affect them. 


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TAHI works with government, stakeholders, civil society actors, international partners, and young people to advocate for equitable access to SRHR resources, as well as ensuring that young people are adequately represented and their voices heard in decision making processes. 


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TAHI is aiming to combat this by providing education to both boys and girls on reproductive health and gender rights. This includes educating both boys and girls on sexual health as well as providing resources such as contraceptives and knowledge on family planning.


Additionally, TAHI is working to reduce the influence of social norms and gender roles that contribute to child marriage.


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TAHI strategies


TAHI strategies

Community Engagement

Connect with local youth and other community members to build relationships and increase access to SRHR services, information, and resources.

Digital Outreach:

Create online platforms that can reach a wide audience of young people through the use of social media, videos, and other digital strategies.

Capacity Building:

Equip young people with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to access SRHR services, which may involve providing basic training and psychological support.


Establish linkages with other organizations and stakeholders to build a supportive network and promote SRHR initiatives.


Lobby government, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders to implement solutions and public policies that will improve the sexual and reproductive health of young people.


Facilitate research to create evidence-based insights into the issues faced by young people, in order to promote and advocate for better solutions.

Youth Empowerment & Skilling